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The anti-corrosion primer for rusted metal

Corrosion and rust are the main problems in iron and metal surfaces and they result in the deterioration of metal structures, worsening their durability and also their aesthetic appearance; especially in the case of iron, the metal in which rust corrosion is usually more aggressive.

Given these negative consequences, and also for security reasons, it is very important to implement an effective treatment for iron and metal and to ensure that these materials suffer no negative impacts on their physical properties.

For this reason, it is important learn about the different anti-corrosion products that are designed to repair rusted metal and help it to regain its original appearance.


Although metal and iron are among the strongest and most durable materials, they are also vulnerable to rusting.

Normally, moisture is the main culprit of metal oxidisation, along with high temperatures or even other factors, such as pollution or salt and moisture from coastal areas.

This is the reason why metal surfaces that make up external structures or industrial plants suffer greater corrosion and require different preventive and remedial treatments.

Anti-rust paint is usually one of the best ways to avoid the effects of corrosion and prevent material deterioration as a result of the effects of different external agents. In particular, paints and enamels for treating oxidised iron are usually composed of thick-film epoxy-polyamide.

This anti-corrosion primer with epoxy has a double effect on the repair of rusted metal. On the one hand, it is the ether that produces the best chemical reaction against corrosion, removing all rust. On the other hand, it is able to remove all rust and thanks to its resin compound, the adhesion of paints and enamels to different metal surfaces is improved, from iron, to bronze or steel.

This makes it the best solution to prevent the advance of corrosion and protect materials of all kinds, such as industrial machinery, vehicles or food cans, as well as protecting terrace floors from wear and tear.


Depending on the surface, its use and characteristics, Montó offers a wide range of epoxy-based products for the treatment of iron and metals and the repair of rusted metals.

In any of these cases, pre-preparation is vital to achieve the anti-corrosion paint’s best possible performance, starting with the removal of rust and old paint layers.

After cleaning and preparation, it is time to begin the corrosive priming step by applying paint for rusted iron. With the goal of protecting and improving the appearance of the repaired metal, metal enamels will improve the finish and reinforce the surfaces against corrosive agents.

For the white anti-corrosion primer for interior or exterior iron, steel or other metal surfaces, the Impripol+Catalizador is very effective because of its acrylic base, it is a very elastic material, and is resistant to harsh chemicals while being easy to apply.

Another alternative is to use the epoxy primer of the Impriepox M-10 suitable for ferrous surfaces or for polyester composite substrates. It stands out for being the ideal product for galvanised iron, aluminium or brass.

It is highly recommended to be used in combination with the Catalizador Impriepox M-10 that acts as a reagent. This improves the stability and homogenisation of the primer.

If you are looking for a paint for exterior metal or to treat industrial machinery, the Imprimación Sintética with anti-corrosion pigments usually provides very good results. Its fast drying and alkyd resin base facilitates its application in thick layers without it cracking.

For its part, the Imprimación Industrial has a similar composition and similar effects to the previous one, and its use is recommended as an exterior and interior metal paint for steel and iron surfaces, facilitating long-term repainting without the need for sanding.

Within the range of Montó products designed to repair and paint rusted iron, the Minio Blanco it is also very effective on exterior and interior surfaces. It stands out because it is an alkyd anti-corrosion primer treatment, which manages to stop the deterioration of iron with rust.

The Minio Blanco shares the same properties as the previous primers, it is also a product with great penetration power, high opacity and it helps to achieve a fine, smooth, much more aesthetically pleasing finish.

And in the case of looking for a primer with a high level of adhesion of paints and enamels for metalsShop Primer is the best choice. It is a product with deeply penetrating components, designed for more complex surfaces in relation to the consistency of the primer; as is the case with galvanised iron or aluminium, so it is the ideal product to complete the anti-rust power of other epoxy resin based treatments.

Look in the catalogue or ask the Pinturas Montó team to find out more about all the properties and recommendations of these products for anti-corrosion priming and repair of rusted metals to help ensure success each and every time.



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