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How to effectively remove saltpetre and damp

It is well known that damp is one of the most common problems suffered by the structures of a building, especially attacking façades and interior walls.

Among some of the ways in which damp manifests itself, is saltpetre and it is necessary to take into account that it is a type of stain that can indicate that a house or building has a deeper damp problem and that it must be treated properly.

So, in order to know how to remove saltpetre from the wall and to know what treatments are the most suitable, today we will help you to understand why saltpetre appears and which Montó products are the most suitable to get rid of it.



Saltpetre on walls is that kind of capillary damp which appears in the form of whitish stains, resulting from deposits of crystallised salts emerging to the surface.

The reason it usually appears on façades and walls is because a building has damp problems from the subsoil. And that damp is dragging salts and other substances from the floor and walls that end up crystallising and depositing on the surface of our façades and walls.

Therefore, the appearance of saltpetre and damp on a wall is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can also cause more serious problems, since it is capable of lifting the coating and leaving a wall completely unprotected from rain, sun,... making it easier for cracks and leaks to occur.

However, rising damp is often easily spread. Therefore, if a wall has saltpetre stains, it is very likely that in a short period of time the damp will rise through the surface and may cause damage related to the installations it houses, such as deterioration of pipes or electrical damage.

Whether a façade or wall shows saltpetre stains is directly related to the type and quality of the land on which a structure is built. It also has much to do with the composition and materials used in the construction of the foundations and their capacity for resistance and insulation.

Given all the problems that can underlie the appearance of saltpetre and damp from the ground, the first step in treating the walls is to carry out a diagnosis that tell us:

o   The characteristics of the saltpetre surface to be treated.

o   The type of damp and its origin, in order not only to eliminate the superficial problem, but also to take the necessary measures to attack the root of the problem.

After this initial analysis, the choice of products to remove saltpetre from walls will not only be simpler, but much more effective.

As we have talked about on other occasions, diagnosing the origin of the damp is the key to avoiding the deterioration of a home and ensuring that the most suitable treatment is applied to improve the aesthetics, but also the insulation and sanitation.



Once we are clear about the composition of the structure to be treated and its condition, it is time to choose the products that will allow us to effectively remove the saltpetre from the walls.

Montó Pinturas offers a wide range of products for the prevention, treatment and restoration of problems resulting from damp. To remove saltpetre from walls, our experts recommend:


Tixoway Antihumedad Acqua

It is a very efficient paint to apply on interior walls with rising damp that need periodic treatment.

It is a paint with high adherence and high breathability. This means that Tixoway Antihumedad Acqua allows water in wet areas to evaporate easily, without flaking or lifting the primed layers.

It is the highest recommended type of paint for treating walls on ground floors, basements or cellars where condensation and lack of ventilation often exacerbate damp problems from the subsoil.


Plasmont Antihumedad

It is the star product for the protection and insulation of walls with different compositions, which often suffer from rising damp from the soil and foundations.

It is very effective on both brick, stone, concrete or mortar walls, whether they are interior or exterior.

Plasmont Antihumedad is also perfect for restoration work on walls that have been damaged by soluble salts or efflorescence.

Another point in favour of this type of mortar is that is effective as a plaster. This means that it is also suitable as an exterior or interior coating, it also achieves a continuous and uniform finish.

If you have doubts about how to complement the treatment to remove saltpetre and moisture, the Montó Pinturas team can advise you on selecting the most suitable and most effective product for each of the surfaces to be treated.

Do you want to know the specific products for the treatment of saltpetre? Go to our website and find out about all our solutions for eradicating damp.