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Appearance of peeling on walls

A flake on a wall often indicates that the coating and plaster have lost their adhesion.

The passage of time or the application of poor quality paints and coatings are often the cause of finding a peeling wall that needs a small procedure before painting to return it to its original state.

On other occasions, a small renovation or change of furniture is enough to find flakes on the wall, which are not a big problem, but which look neglected and unattractive.

In the majority of cases, professionals who work in the renovation and maintenance of buildings often find themselves with peeling walls, so it is important to know all the products that can be used for each type of surface, depending on the weather conditions or the level of deterioration in the walls.

What's causing the peeling on the walls?

A flake on a wall often indicates that the coating and plaster have lost their adhesion.

The reasons why peeling walls can appear are numerous, but also very easy to fix:

- In the vast majority of cases, especially in the case of façades and exterior walls, peeling walls are the result of a lack of maintenance of the surface and the effect of damp, especially in rainy and low temperature periods.

- Another cause may be the structure settling, which can cause walls and façades to crack https://montopinturas.com/ver/3082/fisuras-y-grietas.htmlthereby lifting paints and coatings if they are poor quality or low in elasticity.

- In other cases, the cause of peeling can be traced back to the fact that the surface was poorly prepared before painting. Either because it was not properly cleaned before painting or because the right coating was not chosen.

- Another reason for this may be that the surface has almost no porosity. The coating applied has not impregnated well and it then becomes very easy to lift over time.

- On the other hand, applying paint in high moisture conditions, or not leaving enough drying time between coats, can also be the reason why the paint ends up lifting.

Aparición de desconchados en las paredes

How to repair a peeling wall

Fortunately, peeling is not the end of the world - although it is very unsightly - and the way to repair peeling walls is usually very simple and fast, as well as being necessary to stop the surface from deteriorating further.

Correct cleaning of the surface is the best way to start repairing peeling walls, removing dents and paint residues with the help of a spatula, and then repairing the surface with the appropriate products.

To this end, the Plasmont product range are our most recommended, as they are powder or use putties that are very effective for smoothing out imperfections and plastering surfaces.

The correct application of the filler requires the surface to be restored to its original state and that it is even and smooth. Water-based putties https://montopinturas.com/ver/2061/plasmont-al-uso-multiuso.htmlare usually notable for their simple application on a wide range of surfaces, such as cement, concrete or plaster. But the powdered putties https://montopinturas.com/ver/2057/plasmont-multiuso.html also has a great covering effect and are general-purpose.

After applying the filler, it's time to sand the surface well, followed by brushing it to remove all types of debris and dust. Then check that the surface is completely clean, uniform and ready to apply a new coat.

And the best way to start this process is with a primer coat to help the surface gain adhesion and help the coating to penetrate better and not peel again.

For this phase, the most suitable product is Fijamont https://montopinturas.com/ver/2079/fijamont.htmlA fixing primer with great adherence, ideal for fixing surfaces that are in bad condition, hardening them and protecting them from moisture.

With the application of primers like Fijamont better results are guaranteed. And as one of our Pinturas Montó slogans says, not all paints are born equal and each one of them presents the appropriate features for any type of surface and environment.

Coatings such as Montokril https://montopinturas.com/ver/2270/montokril-liso-blanco.html or paintings such as the Ovaldine range https://montopinturas.com/ver/2140/ovaldine-montolite-acqua.html are some of the most popular products at Pinturas Montó and have different coverage and resistance to adapt to different uses and application methods.

In order to find the right product family, the team at Tiendas Montó offers advice to all professionals who are looking for durable and quality solutions to enhance their work.


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