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Thermal insulation

Improving the habitability of buildings is one of the objectives pursued by Pinturas Montó through its products for the design and application of external thermal insulation systems.

The correct isolation of a house directly influences its energy usage and the thermal losses that occur, which affects the expenditure of resources and the comfort of people.

Residential buildings account for a total of 40% of the total energy consumed in Europe. Given this high proportion of energy consumption, it is logical that they are also responsible for one third of greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted into the atmosphere.

For these reasons, it is very important that buildings and people not only begin to increase their consumption of renewable energy, but also that people live in houses with thermal insulation that improves the efficiency of that energy consumption.

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The importance of thermal insulation to improve the comfort of houses

According to the data available to Pinturas Montó, 50% of homes in Spain lack adequate thermal insulation to ensure energy efficiency and thermal comfort in homes.

This highlights the importance of installing good insulation using the correct procedure https://montopinturas.com/ver/2992/soluciones-de-aislamiento-termico-exterior-para-fachadas.htmlThis is especially true for the renovation of old houses and, of course, for new construction.

By investing in a good insulation system, you can:

o   Reduce energy consumption required for daily heating and cooling of households.

o   Reduce electricity and gas bills.

o   Reduce CO2 emissions.


In addition, in terms of investment and property management, you can achieve a boost in the revaluation of housing due to the comfort and sustainability features it offers; not to mention the improvement in the energy rating of the home.


Thermal insulation systems for exterior façades

Montó therm https://www.montofachadas.com/ver/2691/sistema-monto-therm.html/ is a Pinturas Montó proposal that offers different types of solutions that improve the hygrothermal comfort of homes. This facilitates the incorporation of systems and materials that comply with European standards and are easy to integrate into façades, party walls and interior courtyards.

The Monto therm system is a construction system that is integrated into the building and home walls and guarantees the adaptation of the buildings to the current certifications of efficiency and energy consumption, as well as the thermal comfort inside the home and the savings in heating and cooling bills.



Depending on the characteristics of the building, the geographical area or the needs of the facilities, there are different types of thermal insulation panels, that vary in composition, as well as their performance with regard to their soundproofing capacity, breathability or thickness:

o   EPS https://www.montofachadas.com/ver/2699/sistema-monto-therm-eps.html: These are expanded polystyrene panels with a great quality-price ratio, simple to apply and with high insulation performance.

o   Graphite https://www.montofachadas.com/ver/2769/sistema-monto-therm-eps-grafito.html: These are expanded polystyrene panels impregnated with graphite that provide greater thermal insulation with a reduced thickness

o   Mineral wool https://www.montofachadas.com/ver/2771/sistema-monto-therm-lana-mineral-mw.html: Double density rock wool panels ideal for cladding buildings, they also achieve a high level of acoustic insulation and use a mineral-based insulator.

o   Phenolic Foam https://www.montofachadas.com/ver/2772/sistema-monto-therm-espuma-fenolica-pf.html: These are phenolic foam panels covered with fibreglass that provide a high level of thermal insulation in relation to their thickness. It is a very useful type of insulator in façade renovations because of its mechanical resistance.

o   Natural cork https://www.montofachadas.com/ver/2774/sistema-monto-therm-corcho-natural-nc.html: This is an insulator based on panels of expanded cork agglomerate which is 100% natural and guarantees great breathability to water vapour, thermal improvement and also isolates from noise.

o   XPS Panels: In addition to the wall covering systems, these insulating panels made of extruded polystyrene are often useful for reinforcing the lower areas of the façades that are in contact with the ground, sealing the walls against moisture from the ground.


Aside from the panels, the components used for mounting the panels are key to the application process and to achieving proper wall insulation. Among these mounting components we can find adhesive mortar, mechanical anchors and aluminium and PVC profiles that ensure the planimetry of the system. To reinforce the entire insulation system and give the building excellent mechanical resistance, a fibreglass mesh is applied. Finally, we recommend finishing the façade with acrylic or siloxane mortars that provide the necessary waterproofing and elasticity for the Monto therm system to exert its full insulating power. At Pinturas Montó we have a wide variety of finishing mortars in more than 400 colours.



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