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Washable paints that resist the passage of time for impeccable rooms

Washable paint allows you to clean the surface so you can keep your walls and ceilings in optimum condition without needing to keep repainting them. This allows spaces to be kept in good condition for longer, as much for appearance as for hygiene, and as a result will save you money.

Washable paint allows you to clean the surface so you can keep your walls and ceilings in optimum condition without the need to keep repainting them. This allows places to be kept in good condition for longer, as much for appearance as for hygiene, and as a result will save you money.

Washable paint: resistance and durability

The passage of time often causes problems for paint. As time passes we see the appearance of stains and scuff marks, and the paint can lose its colour and take on a yellowish shade as a result of external factors that affect the cleaning of the paint.

We can associate the paints with a higher level of durability with those that are the most washable. This is not only because they make it easier to clean and restore the surface, but also because they are better for sealing the surface and providing it with a higher level of resistance against external attack.

These paints are an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms or for places that tend to accumulate dirt easily on the walls, but also for any interior space, since, in addition to allowing for the easy removal of stains, it is also a paint that resists the passage of time and that presents a strong resistance to dirt, stains, scuff marks and loss of colour.

The most washable paints are those which provide a satin finish, since the pores of the wall stay closed and therefore it prevents dirt from penetrating the interior, making it more resistant to stains and easier to clean. On the other hand, matt paints can also be washable depending on their level of quality. These paints stand out more for their other properties, such as their ability to better hide imperfections on the surface and offer a high level of coverage, although they are also known for being harder to wash.

In this sense, the Ovaldine range offers the highest level of coverage and washability as much in the gloss and satin finish as in the matt. It is a paint with the highest level of washability in all its finishes, that offers a high level of resistance to the passage of time and keeps colours intact for much longer than other indoor paints, which makes it perfect for renovating and decorating any area.

Ovaldine: discover the most resistant range

The Ovaldine menu offers a range of 102 colours divided into warm, cold and neutral shades that allow you to combine the tones to create unique living spaces.

This paint offers complete coverage and a perfect finish in just two coats, and combines a series of advantages that promote optimum maintenance of interior walls, as well as a large range of colours that allow you to decorate however you like:

  • Each shade of Ovaldine paint is waterproof and offers strong resistance to cleaning with water.
  • It offers resistance to atmospheric agents, which allow you to keep walls cleaner and prevent the accumulation of dust that can come from outside.
  • It benefits from a high level of resistance and coverage in only two coats.
  • The resistance and adherence mean that this washable paint will not lose colour nor produce smells, therefore spaces can be inhabited immediately after the paint has dried.
  • Should it come into contact with fire, Ovaldine washable paint will not allow the fire to spread.
  • It contains an anti-mould preservative, which makes it resistant to the appearance of damp.
  • Ovaldine paint is not only a practical solution, but it also contributes to the aesthetic of interior spaces with a wide range of combinable colours inspired by the latest decorative trends, including timeless shades that provide elegance to any area.

Maintenance of washable paint: simple and long-lasting

The maintenance of washable paint is simple and offers long-lasting results. To achieve the optimum result, you should not only carry out cleaning when an actual stain appears, but also carry out simple and regular maintenance:

  • You can clean walls coated with washable paint regularly through the use of a soft feather duster to remove dust particles that can accumulate.
  • When stains appear, or when you want to clean the walls in a more intensive way, first you should remove the dust, and then clean the washable paint with water and soap, or a specific product for cleaning walls. To do this you can use a cloth or a soft sponge.
  • If light scuff marks appear on the washable paint, they can usually be removed through the use of a pencil eraser. If the marks are caused by furniture or other objects that regularly touch the wall, regular cleaning of the area will prevent them from leaving marks.
  • When cleaning it is important to remove all objects or furniture that are in contact with the wall.

Visit the website and review all the properties of the Ovaldine range, and discover the most efficient and long-lasting washable paint for the decoration of any type of space. If you would like more information about our products, get in contact with us and we will assist you.



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