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Plastic paint colours perfect for your home

In 2017 a wide range of colours have become prominent, as much in fashion, where they permeate shop windows, as in home decoration. We see different colours of wall paints ranging from pinks to blues and greens, alongside more subtle natural tones.
  • The key colours in all the decoration magazines have been: pinks, yellows, blues, aquamarine tones and nudes.

When painting the rooms of the house, from the entrance hall to the bathroom, also through to terraces and outdoor zones, there are no limits. Playing with paint colours makes our homes more personal, and of course more lively and fun.

If you want your bathroom to have more character and be the envy of your family and friends, you can choose to add hydraulic tiles to the lower half of your walls, which is currently very fashionable, and paint the rest of the wall in a yellow or light pink tone, creating a room that not only has a lot of character but is also fun and unique.

In the Carta Ovaldine of Pinturas Montó you can find all the paint colours that are fashionable this season, so you can paint your walls to keep up with the latest trends.

If you have a flat in the city centre, and are one of those fortunate people that has a little balcony with enough room for a table and four chairs, you can create a small natural refuge by combining painted walls, in sandy matt colours like oat, and green tones that transport us directly into nature.

You will also need plants for this natural refuge, so we would recommend that you put some plant pots along the balcony railing, or create a vertical garden on one of the walls.

As we have mentioned previously, blue and aquamarine tones have been the top trends in paint for several seasons, and will remain with us for a while yet. Therefore it is the perfect time to repaint your walls.

As a decorative idea, and to avoid the monotony of your whole home being painted in the same colour, you could opt for a variety of tones within the same range of colours. In this way you can provide more vibrancy and energy to your home, just as by swapping matt paint, which is the most common choice, for satin paint, to bring a glossier finish to your walls.


A tone of blue serenity gives the sensation of continuity between the sky and your living room, along with a bluish white, which will increase the sense of spaciousness in a small bathroom, and an aquamarine tone which will convert rooms into places where you can relax after a hard day.

If your weekend refuge is located in the mountains, and you have decided to paint your little mountain oasis, a perfect choice would be natural and green colours, resembling tree leaves, in combination with yellows and pale pinks.

With these few ideas about how to make a change to your home with 2017’s trendiest colours, you now only need to locate your closest shop where you can find your paint, and you can get started with the renovation of your house.

If you would like to discover more decoration ideas for your new project, visit our blog regularly.





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