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The paint simulator helps you hit the mark on the colour of your rooms

Don´t know what colour to paint your rooms? Can´t make up your mind on what tones will go best with your home? Light tones? Greys? Reds? Or maybe even greens? Choosing the right colour for a room can become complicated, since different colours can convey different feelings, change our mood or even unmask new characteristics of our personality.

Due to the great importance and influence that colour has, there is a study known as Colour psychology.

We can create a feeling of calm with light tones such as blues or pink pastel tones, or exude elegance with darkly painted rooms in black or very dark blues which remind us of the night time.

On the other hand, grey tones represent a more neutral and balanced style. White gives rooms a greater sense of space and light which, in turn, give us a blank canvas to be able to play with colours when decorating the room.

More vibrant colours are red or orange which give the room a greater strength of character. Yellow can generate safety and freedom and green takes us straight to nature and is therefore emblematic of all things natural and ecological.

Choosing a colour has become such an arduous task because of the influence that colour has on our mood and feelings, since the chosen colour scheme stays with us and influences our day-to-day, therefore our choice needs to be more than certain.

Choosing the right paint for a room brings with it many doubts and problems such as the difficulty of imagining the paint on the walls. We visualise how our room will look before it is even painted and it´s for this reason that we take so much time deciding on the ideal paint.

It´s certain that you will have thought, more than once, that you would love to be able to see how the walls in your house will look before they are even painted, well Montó Pinturas has the perfect solution. Both professionals, in search of a tool that makes choosing the products to suit the tastes of every client easier, and laypersons alike have at their disposal the paint simulator, a vital tool in bringing an image to every project.

A comprehensive and easy-to-use application which makes choosing colours for the rooms easier for both the client and the painter and decorator.

Montó Pinturas, the application´s developer, has named it La Colorteca. Now, choosing the colour of your rooms is easier, as you can upload a photo from either the photo gallery or straight from your smartphone´s camera, in which you can insert onto the walls the colour which attracts you the most from their vast colour chart.

From the façade of your house or business to the walls of your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen; this application will make choosing the type of paint and colour much easier.

Via the app´s extensive drop-down menu in the toolbar
you can adjust the tone of the colour once inserted onto the chosen wall, make the surface brighter or darker, crop the zones where you don´t want to have paint, use the selected paint colour to fill the spaces which could or could not be painted or even add notes onto the virtual surface that will be painted in the project.

Since Montó Pinturas offers a great variety of paints for inside and out, there is no limit on the number of colours for the same project.

We can search for these colours from the manufacturer´s own colour chart or from another which shows all the shades of every colour, making it possible to choose from a great variety of tones.

Once the project is finished with the desired colours, we only need to save it and show or email it to our clients or contacts, so they can decide which of the offered options best suits their tastes.

Montó Pinturas goes further and once the paint project has been saved and sent, the app shows where the closest outlet is to buy the paint you have chosen to paint the wall.

With La Colorteca, you will be able to offer an almost true image of the room, with several options for the colour and type of paint so that the selection for every need is the most certain.

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