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Latest trends in decoration: Microcement

Are you thinking of transforming your home décor, but don't know how? Our answer is clear: microcement, the very latest trend in decoration.

We’ll introduce you to its possibilities and advantages so that you can take it into account when it comes to rethinking the look of your home with an industrial touch, in pure 90s style.

What is Microcement?

Microcement is an innovative coating comprising two basic components: powdered microcement and liquid resin. It works by changing the very building blocks of traditional cement, breaking them down into smaller molecules that make the cement tougher and lighter. Furthermore, thanks to its versatility and ease of being combined with most other materials, it has become a preferred option for many people when it comes to decorating their homes. For the best results, we recommend that you choose the professional solutions offered by Microcement System from Montó Pinturas.

What are the advantages of microcement?


1. Its adherence to all surfaces, whether it be mortar, ceramic, plaster, plaster, wood, terrazzo, marble or glass.

2. There is no need to cut coatings or pavements before installation, thus avoiding dust, time and the inconvenience of traditional refurbishment.

3. It is only a few millimetres thick, so there is no need to alter your floors or take your doors down.

4. It´s long-lasting.

5. Its impermeability and resistance to high temperatures, transport and wear.

6. It is very aesthetically attractive and can be finished in its natural colour or in a wide variety of tones. In addition, it provides a very elegant touch that combines well with other materials such as wood or ceramics.

7. It does not require expansion joints and therefore has a uniform surface that will not crack or break, allowing for easy cleaning.

8. It requires only very basic care.

Where can I use it?

  • On walls and floors: One of the latest trends in decoration is to apply the cement to walls and floors, which brings continuity by creating a greater sense of space. Good places to use it are bathrooms and kitchens, where it is also ideal due to its waterproofing and resistance. However, if you do not want to use it on all your walls, you can just pick one out and use paint or tiles on the others.
  • In benches and planters: Your outdoor furniture can also be coated with microcement. In this way, it becomes more durable and requires minimal maintenance. It is also suitable for ceilings, stairs, etc., because any surface can be coated with microcement

How do I use it?


The correct application of microcement requires skilled labour. The process includes the following steps:

1. Preparation of the surface: When the cement is applied, the surface must be clean and free from moisture, dust and cracks. It must also be smoothed in advance.

2. Priming of the underlay: Pre-priming ensures the correct adhesion of the microcement to the surface.

3. Layers of basic microcement and fine microcement: If different materials coexist on these surfaces, it will be necessary to put a fibreglass mesh into place first.

4. Sealing: The material will be sealed with two layers of sealant.

Elegance, luminosity, durability, quality, cleanliness ... In short, microcement floors have become the option of choice to give an original and innovative touch to both modern and classic spaces. As such, they have become one of the current trends in decoration.

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