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Smart Aire Puro

Smart Aire Puro

Paint that filters, cleans and purifies air.

Through a chemical process similar to photosynthesis, Montó Smart Aire Puro absorbs the light's energy to deactivate harmful particles in the air, reducing pollution and smells.



Smart Antirradiaciones

Smart Antirradiaciones

Paint that blocks radiation

Montó Smart Antirradiaciones protects against electromagnetic contamination caused by radiation from telephone, 4G, wifi signals, etc.

Technological advances from the 21st century have enabled us to create Montó Smart


Our range of smart paints that, besides from painting and protecting, offer a third functionality that improves people's lives. If you are a professional, they will allow you to offer your customers added value. And if you're going to paint your own home, they will come in useful for creating healthy and safe environments.


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Montó Smart

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