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About us

About us


"In 1961 I started making paint at home. The effort of many years of hard work has resulted in what is known today as Pinturas Montó". Mr Clemente Martín

A pioneer in the manufacture of tempera, he soon embarked into the world of plastic paints and focused his business on the decoration sector.

In 1996 Pinturas Montó relocated to its current facilities in Marines, with a total area of 46,000 m2, and began producing more than 200,000 litres of paint each year.

During these years, Pinturas Montó underwent a major expansion, resulting in its accreditation as a paint manufacturer of the highest quality and technology, with a brand that is positioned as the market leader in decoration paint.



Montó Stores

Stores throughout Spain



The line of professional paints for industry

Crea by Montó

The brand of paints that protect wood, metal and other surfaces



Expressa by Montó

The brand with the most creative products on the market.

Restora Profesional

To restore any type of material

Rehabit Montó

To restore any type of surface

In the world

In the world

Pinturas Montó is continuously growing, taking on new markets such as that of Latin America.
We provide you with all the necessary technical information and information on the market to advise you on any project.
We maintain close and direct contact with the customer to identify their needs, develop solutions and achieve their satisfaction. Personalised relations with each customer to achieve a mutual teaching/learning process. “One to one” concept.


Production and logistics

Production and logistics

We have a highly automated production management system and an optimal flow of goods to guarantee the optimal supply of products in all our points of sale.


Committed to the future

At Montó we are committed to sustainable development and environmentally friendly practices, a philosophy that we believe not only contributes towards the preservation of the natural environment and the improvement of quality of life in the society in which we live, but also towards improving the reputation of our products and activities.



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