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Types of solvents and different uses: choose the most suitable

The solvent is a fundamental part in the composition of a paint. It is the medium that allows us to take the rest of the components of the paint (pigments, resins, fillers, additives) from the can to the wall in a liquid state, and there, when it evaporates, it is transformed into the dry layer of paint that ends up protecting and decorating the surface.
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What is a paint stripper and what are its uses?

If you're wondering what a paint stripper is and what it's for, you've come to the right place. Here we are going to clarify everything you need to know about this professional product.
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Advantages and uses of the microcement system as a decorative coating

Unique finishes, versatility and resistance are some of the characteristics that make microcement one of the preferred materials for decorators around the world. But if we add ease of application to the list of benefits, we can achieve a high-performance product that can give walls and floors a modern and avant-garde touch. Today at Pinturas Montó we’d like to show you the advantages and uses of the microcement system as a decorative coating.


Which paint finish is most suitable for your project?

The type of room, the light it has, the type of activity that will take place in the room... all these factors influence the choice of the most suitable type of paint finish for your project. Matt or satin? This may be one of the first questions you ask yourself, but today at Pinturas Montó we want to expand your options with a new product: Ovaldine Velour, a semi-matt finish paint.


Preparing walls before painting: the importance of filler

It's time to get down to business and give your house or office a good coat of paint. And that simple step can give a new air or a change in appearance to the space, where apart from the choice of colour, the preparation of the walls is key to achieving a good finish. As in any activity of renovating and improving a space, the preparation will largely determine the final result obtained, so it is important to spend precious time to assess the state of the walls or surfaces and decide what steps we should take before applying the paint.


Why is priming essential for best results?

When undertaking a project, it is important to not only think about the final result, but also about how to achieve excellent and lasting results. The preparation of any surface on which to paint is fundamental to success, and this is where primer plays a leading role. Why is it essential to get the best results? We explain it all to you at Pinturas Montó


Washable paints that resist the passage of time for impeccable rooms

Washable paint allows you to clean the surface so you can keep your walls and ceilings in optimum condition without needing to keep repainting them. This allows spaces to be kept in good condition for longer, as much for appearance as for hygiene, and as a result will save you money.


Treatment for damp from filtration in walls and roofs

Damp is a very common issue, particularly in old buildings or those that have been badly conserved. It is very likely that the damp that occurs in the interior part of the façade or the roof of a building is caused by filtration of rain water through sections that have not been sealed properly.
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