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The anti-corrosion primer for rusted metal

Corrosion and rust are the main problems in iron and metal surfaces and they result in the deterioration of metal structures, worsening their durability and also their aesthetic appearance; especially in the case of iron, the metal in which rust corrosion is usually more aggressive.
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We are all MONTÓ

It is time to add, to build and to look to the future. Now more than ever.
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Montó paint solutions to improve health and hygiene for all

In these times of crisis and exceptional measures to keep society healthy and protected, it is very important that we all do our part so that we can soon return to normal.


How to effectively remove saltpetre and damp

It is well known that damp is one of the most common problems suffered by the structures of a building, especially attacking façades and interior walls.

Appearance of peeling on walls

A flake on a wall often indicates that the coating and plaster have lost their adhesion.


Cracks and Fissures

The condition of walls and ceilings can be worsened by the appearance of cracks and fissures where effective action is required to prevent them getting worse.

Thermal insulation

Improving the habitability of buildings is one of the objectives pursued by Pinturas Montó through its products for the design and application of external thermal insulation systems.

Keys to choosing paint and floor treatments

The preparation for the treatment of a floor is just as important as the correct choice of floor paint, using the most suitable one according to the material, the use of space and type of floor surface.
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