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Washable paints that resist the passage of time for impeccable rooms

Washable paint allows you to clean the surface so you can keep your walls and ceilings in optimum condition without needing to keep repainting them. This allows spaces to be kept in good condition for longer, as much for appearance as for hygiene, and as a result will save you money.
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Treatment for damp from filtration in walls and roofs

Damp is a very common issue, particularly in old buildings or those that have been badly conserved. It is very likely that the damp that occurs in the interior part of the façade or the roof of a building is caused by filtration of rain water through sections that have not been sealed properly.
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Plastic paint colours perfect for your home

In 2017 a wide range of colours have become prominent, as much in fashion, where they permeate shop windows, as in home decoration. We see different colours of wall paints ranging from pinks to blues and greens, alongside more subtle natural tones.


Efflorescence on walls: measures to prevent it and means of reparation

We are sure that at some point you have wondered what are those horrible white stains that appear, usually, on the façade walls of your house, or on the fences that separate your property from your neighbour’s, and that create a grainy salt-like texture. Continue reading as we have the answer to your question!


Products for eliminating woodworm, and application methods

As everyone knows, one of the main enemies of wood, and in particular the furniture that decorates our homes, are those little bugs that make holes throughout the wood and cause us so much panic: woodworms.

The paint simulator helps you hit the mark on the colour of your rooms

Don´t know what colour to paint your rooms? Can´t make up your mind on what tones will go best with your home? Light tones? Greys? Reds? Or maybe even greens? Choosing the right colour for a room can become complicated, since different colours can convey different feelings, change our mood or even unmask new characteristics of our personality.

Latest trends in decoration: Microcement

Are you thinking of transforming your home décor, but don't know how? Our answer is clear: microcement, the very latest trend in decoration.


Parquet floors: problems and possible solutions

Parquet floors provide an elegant decorative touch to any room, but they require constant care to maintain that brand-new appearance.
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